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Preparing for the Cold with Winter Warmer month

Last month, we discussed home safety in the run up to Halloween, and as we are on the way into winter, we wanted to continue our campaign and start to talk about preparing for the colder months.

Heritage Healthcare launch Winter Warmer month

As November starts, a lot more of us will be feeling the chill as we go outside. Many will be scraping the frost off the car first thing in the mornings, and our big, warm coats are starting to make their way out of the cupboard, with a hat, gloves, and scarf to match.

This month’s campaign, we are calling ‘Winter Warmer’, focusing on preparing for winter so we can all enjoy time with our family and friends in the following festive period. We will be sharing our advice on keeping warm, how to avoid slips on frost patches, and discussing what impact the cold weather can have on our health. We will also be enjoying plenty of hot meals and drinks with our clients, colleagues and friends.

At Heritage Healthcare, we provide expert home care and support services to individuals living in your area. Our care packages are bespoke to each individual and their needs, so no two packages are the same! The care team are trained to the highest standard and are able to provide all types of services.

Throughout November, our dedicated care team will help support their clients to feel even more comfortable and safe within their home. Through such services as checking if there is a good supply of food in the cupboards. Just in case a client can’t venture out, due to the ever-changing British weather. To make sure the client’s thermostat and heating are set correctly so they stay warm and cosy.

To find out how our dedicated care team can support you or a loved one this winter, click here to find out more about the services we can provide, or click here to be taken to our contact page where you can get in touch with us.

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