Windsor team welcome PASSsystem to support clients

The digital care management platform will be used to create clear communication between clients and care teams.

Since last Autumn, Managing Directors, Adrian Greensmith and Romola Ganguli, have implemented the PASSsystem into the everyday running of Heritage Healthcare Windsor.

The PASSsystem allows the management team and Registered Care Manager, Carole Henderson, move administrative tasks that took up time that should have been dedicated to clients to a digital platform, making it easier for the team to support clients.

The implementation of the system was such a success for the Windsor team that EveryLife Technologies (who provide the care management platform) created a case study to showcase the PASSsystem.

Having adopted the fabulous technology to deliver both a, greater quality of care and b, business efficiencies … we have been the subject of this Case Study produced by EveryLife Technologies, to exemplify the positive business impact.  In a nutshell, our clients, staff and the business are experiencing the great benefits the technology is enabling to meet a and b,” said Romola.

The new platform will support the management of client’s care plans, allowing clear communication between the client, care team and loved ones.

“Rather than doing monthly MAR charts, we can also update them weekly no,” said Carole, within the case study. “One example is a client whose medication is changing every week, it’s just so much easier to keep up with that using PASS. I can flag last week’s medication as inactive and start afresh, then if it goes back to a previous week’s dosage, I can just reactivate it and change the dates.”

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