Heritage Healthcare Wakefield ask their Care Assistants; What does Dignity mean to you?

One question on everyone’s lips throughout the month is; ‘What does Dignity in Care mean to you?’

Heritage Healthcare Wakefield asked their hard working and dedicated care team what practising dignity in care means to them and how they use it in their daily role with clients.

What does Dignity in Care mean to you?

“I respect the individuals needs and preferences as they wish. I support individuals to maintain their own independence and promote positive self esteem and confidence. I support the individual with the respect that I would expect for myself and family alike.” – Maggie Holiday, Carer

“It’s about respecting the person and their wishes and trying to help them to the best of my ability. Treating people like I would like to be treated.” – Andrea Morton, Carer

“To have self-respect and respect for others including being considerate of each individual’s beliefs, values, and choices. This to me means working with dignity for dignity.” – Magenta Jordan, Registered Manager

“It is being respectful of a person’s needs and wants.” – Lisa Norton, Carer

“To prevent embarrassment, give a person choice and ask for permission to administer care always checking ‘is that ok?’. To maintain a persons privacy, i.e. close the doors and curtains and talk to them as an adult with respect.” – Kath Spivey, Carer

“Dignity in Care means having the time for our service users, to listen and support them to express their needs. By showing respect and caring for them in the same way I would want to be cared for.” – Claire Atkinson, Carer

“Dignity means being sensitive to people’s needs and values and involving family and care partners at every stage. Being treated in a way that you would want to be treated and listened to with compassion. We at Heritage Healthcare Wakefield believe this encourages our service users to be more confident and independent in their own homes.” – Marie Binks, Managing Director

Heritage Healthcare Wakefield provide high quality care and support services to those living in Wakefield to help more people remain living in the comfort of their home. Services include personal care, companionship, domestic duties and live in care.

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