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Keeping Safe During the Snow and Cold Weather

Here are our top tips for keeping safe during this cold weather:

  • Only go out if it is absolutely necessary – pathways are slippery and there can be hidden ice patches. Roads can become grid-locked, caused by the large amount of people choosing to drive rather than face the cold and accidents occurring due to over-confident drivers. If you do need to head out, either for an appointment or to grab necessities from the shop, ask someone to accompany you to help with travel and carrying bags.
  • Wrap up warm – wear plenty of layers that can easily be removed if you feel too warm. Be aware of using heating systems in the home, especially as they can become very expensive if left on for longer than needed.
  • Stock up your food cupboard – if you need supplies, most supermarkets now deliver to your door. Take advantage of this to make sure you have fresh food.
  • Keep pets safe too – If you have a four-legged friend living with you, they will still need to be active. Most cats are independent and will make their own choice to go out, but dogs need their regular walks. The cold weather will limit the time dogs want to be outside. If they are small or short-haired, they will need a warm coat on too.
  • Ask someone to keep you company – don’t be alone during this cold time; ask someone round to keep you company. Heritage Healthcare Home Care Assistants are on hand to support, delivering bespoke care packages tailored to each individual’s needs. Our Home Care Assistants can help with pet care, escorting clients to appointment and shopping.

Heritage Healthcare provides expert home care to suit everyone’s needs, with services including companionship, personal care, household help and live-in care. Find your local branch here and discover how they can help you during this very chilly weather period.

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