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Parkinson’s Awareness Month: Aides and Devices to Support Parkinson’s

These aides and gadgets can help living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s a lot easier.

Aides and Devices - Parkinsons Awareness Month

The symptoms of Parkinson’s effects everyone differently, with everyday activities being impacted.

To help with the symptoms, there are few devices and aides which can help ease day-to-day life.

Eating and Drinking

Cutlery can become tricky to grasp due to the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Easy to grip and weighted cutlery has been developed to help eating meals. Two different devices that incorporate technology into cutlery. The Gyenno Spoon and Liftware stabilise the cutlery from tremors and shaking, allowing those living with Parkinson’s to easily eat.

The handSteady mug helps people drink with limited spillage. The first of its kind, the unique mug has rotatable handles to allow people to hold it in a more comfortable position. It also contains a hidden lid to prevent spillages.

Bed aides

With rigidity, getting in and out of bed can be a struggle for many. Bed aides can help, such as bed rails placed at the side and a sit and slide sheet to help to get out of bed with more ease. Unique mattress toppers can help other symptoms, such as incontinence or feeling too hot.


Muscle stiffness can make walking long distances difficult. Walking sticks can come with their own travel pouch so can be pulled out when needed, whilst lightweight wheelchairs can be purchased from local mobility stores. Perching stools can also be handy on a day out when seating isn’t available and allow you to have a much-needed rest.


Many people living with Parkinson’s have a strict medication regime, with certain medicines being taken at set times. Pill caddies are handy to keep track of what needs to be taken and when. This ‘Weekly pill dispenser’ found on the Parkinson’s UK shop is great to keep track of times during the day. There are also pill boxes that have timers on them to remind you of when to take your medication, as well as company boxes for on the go.


A symptom that can affect those living with Parkinson’s is speech and communication. Therapy can help with exercises and ease the symptom, but a throat microphone can help reduce the strain to the voice and amplify speech to continue the conversation.

To find out more and to buy helpful aides, please visit the Parkinson’s UK shop or visit your local mobility store.

Parkinson’s UK have also researched and highlighted a range of Apps that can help with Parkinson’s.

  • Pzizz – helps you get a better night’s sleep
  • Cove – allows you to express emotion by making music
  • KiNDEO – captures stories and memories to be stored for loved ones
  • Beats Medical – provides daily exercises to help with movement

Click here to find out more and download the Apps, or to see more recommended Apps by Parkinson’s UK.

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