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Our tips to keeping safe at home

We share our top tips for ensuring your home is safe and secure

Keeping Safe at home

This October, Heritage Healthcare has launched Home Safety month, in which they will sharing information and advice to feeling safer within your home.

No-one should have to give up their independence at home due to worrying about security. Making sure an older family member or neighbour is secure in their own home is of top priority in helping someone to remain living independently, surrounded by their treasured memories. Here are Heritage Healthcare’s tips to ensure home security for the elderly.

  1. Have a reliable burglar alarm fitted and make sure it is always on
  2. Keep all keys and valuables in a safe place and out of sight. Don’t leave keys on the windowsill or hidden under the doormat; these can be seen and are easy to find
  3. Install a security chain on the front door
  4. Letter box cages stop potential burglars from tampering with door locks from inside and if it is a covered letter box cage, they won’t be able to see inside the home
  5. Keep any garden ladders and tools locked away in a shed
  6. Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving the house or going to bed at night
  7. Install outdoor light sensors for the front and back of the house
  8. If you’re going away, cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers, catalogues and milk. A pile of catalogues left at the front of the house is a sign that someone isn’t in to collect them. Ask trusted neighbours to collect any post or parcels
  9. If you’re going out for the evening, leave the light on in the front room, with a small gap left at the top of the curtains
  10. During the day, don’t close the curtains and blinds
  11. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the house and give them a spare key in case of an emergency
  12. Make sure your house insurance is in date
  13. Install a peep hole into the front door so it is easy to see who is at the door before opening it
  14. Always ask for I.D. when someone claiming to be a service provider comes to your door, especially if there was no arrangement for them to call round. If they are genuine, they will be more than happy to comply
  15. Keep a personal alarm on your person

5 top gadgets to keep you home secure:

  1. Plug timer – perfect for switching on lamps when away for a long period of time. Simply set the time you want to the device to turn on and what time to turn off
  2. Dummy burglar cameras and alarms – sometimes alarm systems are not visible from outside. A dummy camera can be installed easily and can deter potential burglars.
  3. Outdoor lighting – motion sensing light bulbs can be installed into garden lights and will switch on when someone enters or exits
  4. Outdoor key safe – this is the better option if you usually use the doormat or the plant pot to hide the spare key
  5. Intercom – find out who is standing at the front door from where you are sitting. Devices can be audio, with a unique phone connected to the doorbell, or visual with users able to see who is at the door on the screen of their smartphone, iPad or unique door-viewer.

At Heritage Healthcare, our dedicated care teams support individuals across the UK to continue living independently in the comfort of their own home. Our services are tailored to each individual, working alongside clients, their loved ones and external healthcare professionals to create a bespoke care package.

If you would like to find out how one of our Heritage Healthcare branches can support you and your family, please visit our ‘Locations’ page here to find your nearest care office.

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