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The Importance of the Care Assistant

The pandemic has shown how vital Care Assistants are to our community.  

While most of the nation has followed government guidelines and stayed at home, the UK’s keyworkers have kept the country going, delivering healthcare to vulnerable people and helping us all to buy our essential items.  

Throughout the UK lockdown, our care team have been out in their forces to ensure our clients are safe within their own homes. They have taken every precaution necessary to prevent the spread of the virus wearing the correct PPE and thoroughly washing their hands on arrival to a care visit. Due to their high-quality training, they have all been prepared to deliver support services to vulnerable individuals.  

With the support of our Home Care Assistants, clients have been able to feel comfortable at home, by help collecting essential items and medications, completing household tasks and being a friendly companion.  

The care and support provided by our team have also helped to reassure family members and friends who have been separated from their loved ones during the lockdown. We all know how heartbreaking it is to not be able to see a family member, let alone give them a hug, but our care team are working hard to keep loved ones safe.  

Home Care Assistants have been able to keep some sense of normality throughout the pandemic. They are still there to keep clients company, celebrate birthdays and ensure they are comfortable and healthy at home.  

We want to say thank you for every Heritage Healthcare carer who have continued to support our clients during this difficult time; you are inspiring! 

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If you want to be part of one of our supportive care teams where you can care for local people, please visit our careers page to find our latest vacancies.  

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