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Beware Who You Scare 2018 – A Heritage Halloween

Those Mini-Monsters will soon be hitting the pavements and looking for treats from their neighbours. Yes, Halloween is only two weeks away!

Beware Who You Scare - a Heritage Halloween

For the younger generations, this is the time to dress up the scariest costume they can think of, carve a few pumpkins for the doorstep and join their friends for trick-or-treating. However, Halloween isn’t a holiday enjoyed by everyone.

This time of year can be stressful for those who are older, vulnerable and/or living along. Neighbourhoods become busy with families knocking on doors in the darker hours of the day, with plenty of laughter and screaming, and perhaps a ‘trick’ or two from some. For a vulnerable person, it can be a challenge getting to the door in time, even if they want to participate and hand out sweets. Speaking to strangers, especially if they are wearing a mask, is un-nerving and the anxiety from being scared can be a health risk. For the individuals living with dementia, Halloween is extremely confusing.

At Heritage Healthcare, we want everyone who is planning to participate in this year’s spooky festivities to take a moment and think about their neighbours. Do you know of anyone in your community who might not want the knocks on the door? Or perhaps you know someone who keeps missing out on the fun due to mobility?

Check beforehand if a neighbour would like to receive trick-or-treat visitors, and if they do, let them know you’ll be coming around! If you have older children or teenagers who are going out on their own, remind them to ‘Beware Who They Scare’. Keep an eye out for Halloween decorations to know if a household is taking part in Halloween, and if you don’t see a pumpkin outside their home, maybe give that house a miss.

To help everyone who doesn’t want a visit from trick-or-treaters this year, we have a unique poster they can place in their front window or at the door. You can download our poster by clicking the link below.

Our Heritage Healthcare care teams can provide support for those who want companionship and help during Halloween. Find your local care office by clicking here and find out how they can help an elderly relative or neighbour.

Be safe this Halloween, and beware who you scare!

Click here to download your ‘Beware Who You Scare’ Poster

Beware Who You Scare Poster

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