Gloucester Home Care Service Sign Up To SAFETY

Gloucester based Home Care Service, Heritage Healthcare have Signed Up To SAFETY, a NHS initiative to make care safer by harnessing the commitment of staff.

In signing up, Fiona Hodder, Owner and Registered Care Manager of Heritage Healthcare Gloucester has committed to strengthening  service user safety by:

  • Describing the actions (below) that Heritage Healthcare will undertake in response to the five campaign pledges
  • Committing to turn these actions into a Safety Improvement Plan which will show how our organisation intends to save lives and reduce harm for service users over the next three years
  • Identifying the service user safety improvement areas to focus on
  • Engaging the local community, service users and staff to ensure that the focus of our work reflects what is important to our community
  • Make public our commitments and plans

Heritage Healthcare Gloucester Sign Up To Safety – Five Campaign Pledges

  1. Putting safety first: Commit to reduce avoidable harm in our service (the NHS) by half and make public our locally developed goals and plans.
    We will:
    -Ensure that we are signed up to all safety reports or alerts and then immediately ascertain if any may be relevant to our service users.
    -If any of our service users are admitted to hospital we will (with the correct consents in place) ensure that relevant information is properly shared
    -Work with local NHS providers where appropriate if our service users are discharged home and our regular care actions need updating to improve their safety.
    -Ensure that our staff are trained in the recognition of both early signs of illness in the elderly and also in understanding how to prevent and detect pressure ulcer development
  2. Continually learning: Make our organisation more resilient to risks, by acting on the feedback from service users and staff and by constantly measuring and monitoring how safe our services are
    We will:
    -Monitor all service users regularly, ensuring that care delivered is properly documented, especially by the use of correct Medication Administration Records
    -All records will be collected and audited monthly and any gaps in records will need to be accounted for
    -Act on any safety concerns regarding the delivery of our service immediately whether that is reported by a service user, their representative or a member of staff
    -Any issues will be dealt with reflectively, looking at root cause analysis and how we could improve and then implement relevant changes
  3. Being honest: Be transparent with people about our progress to tackle patient safety issues and support staff to be candid with patients and their families if something goes wrong
    We will:
    -All staff will undergo full safety and safeguarding training and be aware that any incident must be reported at the time or immediately following the event.
    -Harness an open culture where we address the message, not the messenger.
    -Take our CQC Duty of Candour very seriously and be honest with service users and their families, taking the correct actions such as the involvement of other health care professionals or agencies, re-training of staff if any safety issue occurs that is our responsibility
    -Promote safe practice in other agencies that we interact with
  4. Collaborating: Take a lead role in supporting local collaborative learning, so that improvements are made across all of the local services that patients use
    We will:
    -Develop relationships with local health care providers, patient groups and charities in order to share good practice or relevant concerns.
    -Encourage staff, service users and their families and the general public to learn how best to use health services ( for example local pharmacies, NHS 111, GP’s, Minor Injuries Units) where appropriate instead of Accident and Emergency Departments, in order to reduce potential safety issues in these areas.
  5. Being supportive: Help our people understand why things go wrong and how to put them right. Give them the time and support to improve and celebrate progress
    We will:
    -Encourage a safe working culture in the hope that we will address issues before they cause a problem. If things do go wrong they will be dealt with quickly and professionally and an action plan put in place to reduce or eliminate future risk.
    -When our staff prevent an event through their diligence and application of our safety ethos, we will ensure they are celebrated and rewarded

Please CLICK HERE for further information regarding Sign Up To Safety.

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