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Carers Week: Helping Carers Get Connected

Carers Week - Helping Carers Get Connected

Every day, 6000 people in the UK become carers to a loved one with a disability, illness or needing extra support with ageing.

Now in its 25th year, Carers Week aims to raise awareness for unpaid carers and connect carers with support and services to help them.

Becoming a carer is rewarding, but it can have a big impact on daily life.

Health and well-being

Caring can have an impact on health. For someone taking care of a loved one who is much bigger than them, some activities can cause physical strain, such as lifting someone in and out of a wheelchair. Carers can become exhausted, especially when juggling caring for a loved one and a young family. There is an increased risk of suffering from mental health issues; watching a loved one live in pain or discomfort can be stressful, whilst not spending time to yourself or with others socially can lead to depression and anxiety. Caring for a relative or friend can have an emotional impact of relationships; the life once lived with a significant other may change due to becoming a carer.

Working and Learning

Many unpaid carers have had to make sacrifices with their work-life, either reducing hours or leaving their job role. This can affect their personal development and workload. For some, they struggle to find a job role that fits around their care role. For young carers, they may struggle attending school, college or even finding time to study. Of course, this affects their overall education, but missing time at school can affect the friendships they have established.

Money and Benefits

For those whose work life is affected by becoming a carer, it will affect their income in some cases lead to poverty. Necessary bills such as rent, gas and electricity, along groceries become a struggle to pay for. Many carers are unaware of the benefits and support they are entitled to; if they are spending at least 35 hours a week caring for someone, they may be able to claim Carer’s Allowance, whilst Attendance Allowance (AA) helps with personal care for someone aged 65 and over.

This Carers Week, we want to help connect carers to services that can help them. This help is not just for caring for a loved one but allows carers to have time to themselves.

Carers Week has several supporters advocating the awareness week.

Carers UK provides advice, help with paperwork and connect carers to a local carer volunteer who has been in the same position they have. They also campaign for developments and carers rights, looking for new and better ways carers can receive support.

Carers Trust is a leading charity that wants to improve the support services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of unpaid caring. They support carers through the provision of grants, information and advice, allowing carers to get the extra help they need to live their own lives.

Rethink Mental Illness support carers and their families affected by mental health issues. The charity provides a listening ear for carers feeling the strain of caring, providing practical advice to reduce the feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation.

Carers Week also work are also supported by many charities that help specific disabilities or illnesses, such as MDM Association, MS Society and Sense, as well as Age UK and Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition.

At Heritage Healthcare, we provide expert support services to help more people continue living independently at home. Our team of expert and highly trained carers deliver a range of bespoke services including personal care, companionship and respite support. We work with primary carers to create a care plan based on the current routine, allowing carers to have peace-of-mind their loved ones with being supported whilst they take some time to themselves.

We also provide a stable career within the care industry, with Home Care Assistant positions available both full-time and part-time. Our staff are highly trained, receiving a Care Certificate to deliver care to our clients and having opportunities to take part in further training qualifications in different aspects of care. To find out more about our careers, please click here to be taken to our Careers page.

You can find out more about the services we provide by clicking here or you can find your nearest Heritage Healthcare office by clicking here.

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