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Get Active This April – #ActiveApril

Get Active This April - #ActiveApril

Apart from the fantastic keyworkers who continue to provide healthcare and support to keep vulnerable people safe, most of the UK has spent the past two weeks at home to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

Whether you are working from home or trying to keep children occupied with schoolwork, keeping active at home can be tough. This April, we want to encourage everyone, no matter what your ability, to become more active to keep your body and mind healthy. 

Before we were all asked to stay at home, many people may have used their job to keep active or had a routine of visiting the gym. Being out of these schedules doesn’t mean regular exercise has to be put on hold; there are many ways to keep active and exercises that can be completed at home.  

It’s important to keep physically active each day with an activity that suits your ability. Being active can reduce the risk of developing illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The NHS has stated that it is medically proven regular physical activity can lower the risk of developing some cancers. Exercise not only helps physical health but can boost mental and emotional health too; keeping active can reduce the risk of depression and can help manage stress and anxiety, giving you a boost of happiness and accomplishment after completing a workout.  

At this current time of uncertainty of what the coming days could entail, it can be hard to find the initial motivation to get started on physical activity. If you have children, they may have joined in with Joe Wicks’ daily PE lessons – join in with them as a family activity and your workout will be complete before lunchtime. If you are self-isolating with older children or other adults, create a plan each day with a workout time and keep each other motivated. If you live-alone, create yourself a routine for each day, setting time to workout whilst making time to work from home and distance-socialising with loved ones.  

Next week, we will share different exercise ideas for different abilities that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. 

At Heritage Healthcare, our dedicated carers are supporting clients within their own home to ensure they are safe during this outbreak. To find out more about what we do, please click here to discover our various services or you can find your nearest Heritage Healthcare office by clicking here.  

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