How Heritage Healthcare support clients with Parkinson’s disease

Home Carer with Client

Around 1 in 500 people are affected by Parkinson’s disease and are a condition where parts of the brain become damaged over time.  

People living with Parkinson’s disease will have different experiences with the symptoms, including tremor, stiffness in the muscles and slowness of movement.  

With support from our care team, clients can continue living independently at home whilst living these symptoms. Our care team provide a range of services, all matched to the needs and requirements of our clients. These services include: 

Personal Care – the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can cause difficulties completing personal care tasks such as bathing, getting dressed and eating. Our care team have been trained to the highest standard to deliver personal care and support to clients. As our service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), you can be reassured we provide safety and comfort with our care plans. We are focused on providing person-centred care tailored to the unique needs of an individual and encourage clients to complete tasks with the right support to maintain their independence at home.  

Household Help – our team are on hand to help keep the home clean and tidy, helping with dusting, vacuuming, laundry and collecting groceries. We ensure our clients can feel comfortable and proud in their own home.  

Companionship – with our companionship service, our team of trusted carers provide social support to prevent loneliness. Living with Parkinson’s disease can be hard, and sometimes having someone there to talk to can help relieve stress. As we train our team in Parkinson’s disease as well as other health conditions, they can offer comfort and reassurance during the most difficult days. We are also available to provide advice to a client’s loved ones to help them support a relative or close friend. Our companionship service helps to keep the mind active by chatting to the client about current events or fond memories and help them to get out into their community.  

Complex Needs – everyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease will have a different experience; in some cases, the symptoms can become more advanced. The care packages we create for a client can easily be adapted to evolving health needs, supporting disabilities and complex needs. We work with other healthcare professionals to ensure the care and support delivered is right for a client’s needs and requirements. 

At Heritage Healthcare Epsom, we aim to allow more people to remain in the comfort of their own home for longer with expert care. Through high-quality training, our team are dedicated to delivering services that allow clients to be comfortable in their own homes and to maintain their independence for longer. As well as supporting clients with Parkinson’s disease, we are on hand to support older clients, those living with a disability or sensory impairment, a progressive health condition or who are returning home from a hospital stay or residential care.  

More information about Parkinson’s disease can be found on the Parkinson’s UK website. 

To find out more about how Heritage Healthcare Epsom can support you and your loved ones at home, contact our team through your preferred contact method here.  

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