It’s Summer – what can we do with everyone in the family?

It’s Summer – what can we do with everyone in the family

Summer is officially here. Families are making the most of the time they have together before school re-starts in September.

So, what can we all do together, as a family, that everyone will enjoy this Summer?

Picnic in the Park – when the weather is nice, nothing beats a picnic in the park. Youngsters can enjoy the play area while adults can catch up with each other.

Trip to the Seaside – if you live close to the coast, a day out to the seaside is enjoyed by everyone. Deckchairs on the sand, fish and chips, sandcastles and splashing in the sea is always a winner for summer. Grandparents can tell stories about when they went to the seaside as children, which grandchildren will love to hear.

Gardening – a spot of gardening is good for the soul and keeps the body active and mind clear. Perhaps the grandparents need help clearing away weeds to make room for new flowers to bloom, or maybe grandchildren would love to choose flowers to plant.

Museum or Botanical Gardens – Museums have something for everyone, with exhibitions there to educate through entertainment. Botanicals gardens are a safe and beautiful place to explore and discover different varieties of nature we might not see in everyday life.

Hobbies and Crafts – We all know the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, especially when we’re expecting sunshine. When it’s not pleasant to be outside, indoor activities are also enjoyable for all the family. You could play board games together, create cards or papercrafts, bake cakes or teach youngsters new skills such as chess or knitting.

Family Tree – with all the family together, why not create a family tree? Grandparents can tell stories about the relatives’ grandchildren might not know about and have the family history documented for the future. This is also a great chance to share old family photographs – perhaps parents have some embarrassing school photos youngsters would love to see!

Movie Day – enjoy a family classic together in the comfort of your own home. Maybe it’s a new release that you haven’t seen before or a classic that grandparents watched when they were children. You could even watch old family videos and remember old times together.

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