Make May Purple – The Importance of the FAST test

A stroke can occur every 5 minutes, affecting anyone, of any age, at any time.  

May is Stroke Awareness Month, with many people raising awareness of the effects of a stroke and raising funds for vital research.  

The FAST test helps to spot the signs of a stroke.  

FACE – has their face fallen to one side? Can they move their mouth? Or have their mouth and eye dropped? 

ARMS – can they lift their arms? Can they hold their arms in the air?  

SPEECH – is their speech slurred? Or are they unable to speak at all? 

TIME – call 999 if you see these three signs. 

These are the most common symptoms of a stroke, but other signs could include feeling weak or numb on one side of the body, blurred vision or sight loss, struggling to find the right words or to speak clearly, memory loss, dizziness or a severe headache.  

Life after a stroke can be very different for everyone. Rehabilitation can help many people regain their independence, whilst for others, the lasting effects can make everyday living difficult.  

There is a possibility for after-effects of a stroke which can have a big impact on lives. These include psychological problems such as mental health issues and difficulty displaying appropriate emotions, or cognitive impact with some survivors having issues with communication or memory. Some survivors have experienced physical effects, and experience troubles with swallowing, movement or with vision. 

At Heritage Healthcare Epsom, our care team are highly trained to deliver expert care at home to support those who have suffered a stroke. We ensure our clients can continue to live life to the fullest by creating a bespoke care plan tailored around their unique needs, requirements and wishes. We encourage independence with the support from our dedicated Home Carers, allowing more people to feel safe and supported at home for longer.  

Our support services allow clients to be supported with everyday tasks as well as be provided with complex care where needed. We can support personal care needs, companionship, household help, respite care and full live-in care. 

If you would like to find out more about Heritage Healthcare Epsom and how we can support you and your loved ones at home, please click here. You can also contact our friendly team through your preferred contact method here to have a no-obligation discussion about our home care services. 

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