Staying Safe at Home

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Home should be a place where we feel safe and comfortable. No one should have to feel worried or unsafe at home, especially if you have a family member who is vulnerable or lives alone.

We have recently talked about October being a spooky time of year for the vulnerable people in our community, you can read through our #BewareWhoYouScare article here. However, Halloween is not the only thing that can be worrying to people this time of year. The nights are drawing in sooner and this can make a lot of people feel anxious, especially when living alone.

At Heritage Healthcare Epsom, it is our priority to make sure our clients feel safe and independent at home. Our home care services are bespoke to each individual in order to help them continue living at home, surrounded by treasured memories.

We have put together some home security tips, to help our clients and their families feel safer at home:

Lock your doors and windows

Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked, especially if you are out and about. This will help protect you from intruders and make you feel safer at night. Making sure the locks on your doors and windows are up to date and working correctly could also help bring your insurance costs down.

Switch on an outdoor light

Turning on an outdoor light can help deter burglars. Motion sensor lights are great as they can help alert you of movement outside your home. However, a normal outdoor light or garden lights will help deter intruders as they’re less likely to target lit-up areas. Don’t have access to an outdoor light? Leaving the light on near the entrance of your home will also help.

Ensure your alarm is working

Make sure your alarm is working by checking it regularly and be sure to turn it on when you are leaving the house. Setting your alarm at night can also help you feel safer in your home. If you do not have an alarm in your house, it is definitely something to consider. If you are concerned about the safety of your house speak to your local locksmith. They will be able to advise you on ways to make your house more secure. Lastly, make sure to always let a family member or carer know if you have concerns about your safety.

Always check who is at the door before you answer it

Whether you have a peephole installed in your door, or just look through your window before answering, make sure you are aware who is at the door before you answer it. If you are tech savvy or know someone who is, you can get a doorbell installed with a camera so you can identify the person easier. Remember not to let anyone you don’t know into your house if you don’t feel comfortable and always ask to see an ID badge for any officials that want to enter your home.

Ask visitors to call ahead so you know you are expecting someone

Let your friends and family know to call you if they are planning on visiting so you know you are expecting someone. If any officials stop by your house, arrange for them to come back when you have a family member or carer present.

Don’t keep your valuables near the windows

Make sure you don’t leave your valuables in clear sight, as this can attract burglars. Find a safe place to store keys, wallets and handbags after you arrive home. Storing your belongings in a designated space can also prevent misplacing items.

Make sure you lock your gates if you have them

If your house has a front or back gate make sure it is locked, especially in the evening. You can give a spare key to someone you trust in case of emergencies.  

Check your insurance is in date

Make sure you have good home or contents insurance and that your policy is still in date. This can help protect you and put your mind at ease if something was to happen.

About our services

At Heritage Healthcare Epsom, we understand how important it is to feel safe at home. Our friendly team of Home Care Assistants are on hand to help if you have any concerns about security.

To find out more about Heritage Healthcare Epsom and how we can support you and your loved ones, visit our services page here. You can also contact our friendly team with any comments and questions by visiting our contact page here.

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