Preparing for the Summer Holidays

For many families, the summer holidays for youngsters started in March, but as the UK slowly begins to find normality, it is important to make the most of the time we have with loved ones.

The government guidelines for social distances have continuously changing to ease restrictions safely. As of 4th July, the guidelines in England say:

  • People can meet in groups of up to 2 households. People within your support ‘bubble’ are counted as part of your household. They can meet in any locations, indoor or outdoor, but must ensure the households still follow social distancing. This change does not affect any support provided by carers.
  • People can meet in groups of 6 from different households when outside, maintaining social distances guidelines.
  • Anyone who has formed a support ‘bubble’ (people in single adult households) must not change who they are in a bubble with
  • Businesses such as pubs, restaurants, hotels, visitor attractions and outdoor playgrounds can start to open but must have social distancing guidelines in place to protect the public.
  • As of 24th July, a face mask or covering must be worn in shops and supermarkets.

These guidelines may change, so please visit the UK government website here before making plans.

We have all missed seeing our family and friends over the past 4 months but know we all must ensure safety and follow the guidelines.

As we start to plan for the summer holidays and the future months, we can start to include other households within our activities. As a family, you may not be heading on holiday or enjoying the activities you would have done a year ago, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop spending quality time together.

When the weather is brighter, you could arrange to meet with another household for a social distance picnic. Not only are you all getting fresh air but having the opportunity to catch up face-to-face helps with your mental wellbeing. Please ensure both households have plenty of space between them to follow the safety guidelines. Remember other people will be using the park, too, so allow plenty of space for those households to move around the area.

Non-contact sports can also now be played, such as golf and tennis, however, everyone playing should stay 2 metres away from each other.

The government guidelines now also allow 2 households to meet in gardens, so long as distances are maintained, and individuals only entering the home of another household to access the garden or use the bathroom. This change in guidelines will help older relatives who have been isolated alone during the lockdown to start to see loved ones again from the comfort of their own home.

The guidelines will continue to change over the coming weeks and months, but it is still important to stay safe and take the necessary steps if you start to feel unwell.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water
  • If you or anyone you live with has a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss/change to your sense of smell or taste, stay at home and request a coronavirus test
  • Continue to follow the social distancing guidelines by staying 1 metre away from people not in your household

For anyone who has been ‘shielding’ during the UK lockdown, guidelines will start to ease from 1st August. These individuals can start to meet up with other households but will still need to take extra precautions. More information about the current and intended guidelines for vulnerable groups can be found here.

With careful planning and by checking the UK government’s guidelines, the summer holidays can still be enjoyed. At Heritage Healthcare Epsom our care team are dedicated to keeping our clients safe within their own home. To find out how we can support you and your loved ones at home, please visit our website here or contact our team by clicking here.

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