Pet Care Services

Giving a pet your undivided attention can become harder to do as we grow older, especially when we can no longer give them the exercise and mental stimulation they need. As April is National Pet Month, Heritage Healthcare want to emphasise the pet care that can be included in care and support services.

Pet Care Services

Companionship, affection, increased mental activity are some of the many benefits to owning a pet, but they can have a positive impact on our health, too, including lowering stress levels and blood pressure. However, owning a pet carries daily chores and responsibilities, some of which can become a hindrance as we grown older.

In the UK, over 20,000 dogs need to be re-homed every year due to their elderly owners no longer being able to sufficiently care for them. Tasks such as attending vet appointments, grooming and daily routines can become difficult so it’s understandable that they are forced to be separated. At Heritage Healthcare, we understand that a pet is a member of the family. For someone living alone, their pet is their only companion and being forced to abandon them can cause heartache and unnecessary stress.

To combat this, our home care services can include pet care. We can ease the unwanted pressures and anxieties that can come from caring for a pet. We are able to help with daily tasks that can become increasingly difficult during times of ill health or immobility issues such as bending down to fill the food bowls, taking dogs for a walk, cleaning a cat’s litter tray, and other general care. Heritage Healthcare wants to help in making our clients and their loved one’s life as comfortable and pleasurable as possible – including pets.

Heritage Healthcare support individuals living in the UK to continue living independently within the familiarity of their own homes with a bespoke care package tailored to their needs. These services also include personal care, domestic duties, companionship and respite care.

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