Heritage Healthcare celebrates National Pet Month

National Pet Month is hosted every April in which thousands of people across the UK celebrate the life of their pets by spreading the word about responsible pet ownership and raising money for pet charities.

Pet Care Month

National Pet Month is a registered charity and is now in its 27th year which will take place from 1st April until 7th May 2018. The charity is co-ordinated by its trustees, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) and the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), with the aim to make more people aware of the mutual benefits of living with pets and raise awareness of the value of assistance companion animals.

At Heritage Healthcare, we love pets as much as everyone and understand the affection and companionship a pet can bring, especially to those who are older and living alone. This month, we want to emphasise the pet care we offer as part of our home care packages, a service not many people realise we offer.

As we get older, it can become more difficult to continue looking after pets. Simple actions such as filling a food bowl, daily walks and attending appointments can become impractical when our bodies don’t move the way they used to.

Throughout April, we want to show off how we can help you look after your pet. We will be providing information about our pet services, sharing helpful tips and telling you all about our own pets.

Heritage Healthcare support individuals living in the UK to continue living independently within the familiarity of their own homes with a bespoke care package tailored to their needs. These services also include personal care, domestic duties, companionship and respite care.

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