Keeping Safe at Night

Keeping Safe at Night

From 18th until 24th November, it is Road Safety Week. Coordinated by Brake, the aim is to promote road safety and life-saving messages amongst communities and schools. The campaign also highlights preventable accidents and deaths caused on British roads.

As winter draws in, evenings have become darker much sooner. Keeping ourselves safe when walking outside is important, especially as visibility decreases and the icy weather can increase the risk of accidents, for both those who are driving and those who are walking.

If walking outside is unavoidable, here are some of our tips to keep you safe at night:

  • Wear brighter colours to be seen by passing cars and other pedestrians. Wear a lighter coloured coat or hat to be seen in the dark. If you can, reflective materials are also helpful to make you noticeable.
  • Always walk familiar routes where there is enough street lighting. Even if it makes your journey a little bit longer, miss out the shortcuts through alleyways, parks or behind houses where it can be a lot darker.
  • If you are taking a dog for a walk, don’t forget they need to be seen too. Pet shops sell gadgets and clothing to keep pets safe, such as a reflective jacket to a light that can hook onto their collar.
  • Consider taking a personal safety alarm with you if you feel anxious.
  • Check the times of public transport if you are planning on catching a bus or train. Mobile apps can now give you live updates so you know if a bus or train will be delayed without waiting in the cold.
  • Make sure your mobile phone has plenty of battery life before you leave the house
  • Avoid walking alone – if you’re are popping to the local shop, ask a neighbour or friend to join you and keep you company.
  • If you are going to visit someone, let them know when you have left your house so they know what time to expect you, and let them know when you’ve returned home safely afterwards.
  • Wear sensible footwear, especially if pavements have become slippery from frost and ice.
  • Take a torch with you in case you find an unlit spot on your journey.
  • Be mindful of the weather reports throughout the day; as winter comes, we will be expecting snow and ice which can disrupt travel and cause accidents.

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