Keeping Safe on Bonfire Night

A roaring bonfire, booming fireworks and a mist of darkness; just like Halloween, Bonfire Night is an exciting evening but can be very stressful and intense for vulnerable people.  

Safety on Bonfire Night has always been a top priority, especially when children are involved, but we should also remember those people within our elderly generation or those who live with dementia. The sound of screeching and bangs that come from fireworks can cause anxiety and stress, terrifying anyone who isn’t prepared.

If you have an older or vulnerable relative, friend or neighbour in your life, make sure you check in on them before local fireworks displays start. You could also find out if there are any displays being hosted close by or if your neighbours are planning on setting off fireworks, to help loved ones know when to expect noises from outside. To help distract them from the sound of fireworks or to cover the noises, keep them company during the evening and plan to watch television or a film together.

You may also be planning on attending a firework display with older relatives. Make sure everyone if wrapped up warm; woollen hats, earmuffs or ear defenders are good for protecting sensitive ears against the screech of fireworks. Don’t forget to take a torch with you, as some venues may have low lighting making it difficult to see where you’re walking.

For those who have heart conditions or respiratory problems, staying indoors is best to keep them safe yet still enjoy the fireworks.

If you are planning on hosting your own Bonfire party, keeping everyone safe and secure is important. Most bonfire night related accidents occur at small private parties so make sure you have thoroughly planned out the evening and have put safety procedures in place. Visit for more information about keeping safe at a bonfire and firework party and for fire safety resources.

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