Warning to “stay indoors” during heatwave

Another heatwave is upon the UK this week, affecting those living in the South and the Midlands.

Yesterday, Monday 23rd July, was the hottest day of the year so far, with 33.3C recorded in Suffolk – and the temperatures are going to continue rising throughout the week. The heat could potentially peak to the mid-30s on Thursday and Friday, leading to the MET office issuing an amber warning, especially in east, south east and midlands areas.

Experts have advised those living within the heat-affected areas to stay out of the sun and make sure the home is as cool as possible by shading and shutting windows. Plenty of water is needed to keep hydrated, and if you know anyone living alone who might be vulnerable to weather, make sure they are aware and safe.

Below is a little infographic on our tips to keeping safe during the hot weather:

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