Being Safe at Home

Being Safe at Home

Our home is one of the places we should feel safe. No one should feel worried about safety, especially if you have an older or vulnerable family member who lives alone.

At Heritage Healthcare Epsom, it is our priority to help our clients feel safe and independent at home. Our home care services help clients continue living within their own home for longer, where they are surrounded by treasured memories.

To help our clients and their families feel safe at home, here are a few of our tips for home security:

  1. Check windows and doors have a working lock. A qualified locksmith can advise on the safety of a door and fit new locks if needed. A letter box cage can stop thieves using the letter box to tamper with locks, and a peephole in the door can help you see who is at the door. If a service provider knocks, ask them for their I.D. and make a call to their company if you feel unsure. If they are genuine, they will more be than happy to comply.
  2. Install security devices and burglar alarms. You can ask the advice of your local police station or the insurance company what alarm companies they would recommend. A visible burglar alarm can deter thieves from approaching the property, however if the installed system is not viable on the outside, you can purchase dummy/fake alarms. Make sure the security systems operate the front and back of the home.
  3. Outdoor lighting can also deter burglars. Lights can switch on when it senses movement, or automatically switch on during darker evenings.
  4. Use front and back gardens to prevent intruders. Strong padlocks on gates will stop someone trespassing onto the land, whilst high plants such as hedges can prevent someone climbing over high fences. Remember to check the locks on garages and sheds.
  5. Make sure valuables, such as keys, money and phones, are always kept in a safe spot and out of sight from windows. An Outdoor Key Safe will lock away a spare key for visitors such as family members and carers, who will need a code to access it.
  6. If you’re planning a trip away and the house won’t be occupied, make sure you cancel any regular deliveries such as newspapers or milk. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out and to collect in any parcels that may be delivered.
  7. Don’t forget to regularly check the house insurance and when it runs out-of-date.

We understand the importance of feeling safe at home, so if you have any concerns about security, your team of Care Assistants are on hand to help.

To find out more about Heritage Healthcare Epsom and how we can support you and your loved ones at home, please visit our website here to find out more about the services we provide, or you can contact us through your preferred method of contact here.

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