Heritage Healthcare launch #MindfulnessInMarch

Throughout March, Heritage Healthcare want more people to discover and practise mindfulness.


Mindfulness is about giving yourself time to stop, think and be in the moment. It’s not always about yoga, meditation or being spiritual; it can be switching off for 5 minutes, appreciating those around you or allowing yourself to enjoy a hobby.

Mindfulness is a daily practice proven to help mental well-being. Around 12 million UK adults see their GP with mental health problems each year, most suffering from stress-related anxiety and depression. 13.3 million working days are lost each year due to stress and mental health problems, so of course setting time each day to be mindful can be a benefit to our health.

At Heritage Healthcare, our Care Assistants work hard every day providing quality care and support to help individuals remain living in the comfort of their own home. On a daily basis, they drive to each client’s home and support that individual however they can, and then drive on to the next client. We are aware that, sometimes, our care team don’t save a moment of the day for themselves, so during March, we want our team to learn more about mindfulness and add it into their daily life.

Mindfulness can also benefit many of our home care clients and their loved ones, especially in times of stress, pain and confusion. Research has shown that the practice has helped with dementia care, helping each person to stop worrying about being forgetful and focus on breathing and what they can do at that present moment.

We have dedicated this month to #MindfulnessInMarch, our new campaign where we will share information on how mindfulness can support mental well-being, ideas for you to practise mindfulness in your day-to-day life, and share our own ways to unwind.

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