Becoming a friend to your community

Mature woman with senior female neighbour

This month we have been discussing the importance of companionship and how having a companion can help combat elderly loneliness and social isolation in our community.

Over the past year, we have faced many restrictions on meeting our loved ones, from lockdowns to social distancing. As a result of this, many of us were faced with feelings of loneliness and turned to the internet for some much-needed social interaction. This however has not been an option for many in our senior community, who might not be very tech-savvy.

No one should be left to feel alone or isolated. At Heritage Healthcare Epsom our companionship service reassures clients and their loved ones that a friendly and trusted face will be visiting to keep them company.

Loneliness can affect everyone. It can lead to many problems with both mental and physical health, with greater risk for the older generation. Many people within our community might be feeling lonely and socially isolated without us realizing it; they could be neighbours, relatives, friends or someone you pass by on your way to work.

Now that lockdown has finished and restrictions are slowly getting lifted, we have put together some ideas on how you can become a friend to someone in your community:

Pay a visit to your neighbour

Do you know someone close by who might not be getting much social interaction? Maybe someone lives alone and their family have not been able to visit? Pop round and see if they would like to share a cuppa in the garden. Pick up some treats at the shops for you both to enjoy, invite them over to your home or out for a stroll around the neighbourhood for a change of scenery.

Host a local event

Many people look forward to events within their community, it’s a great opportunity to get to know new people and have a catch up with your neighbours. From coffee mornings and cupcake days to markets and summer fairs, there’s plenty of opportunities to get your local community together.

Start a social group

A weekly social group can help people in your community enjoy activities together and be part of a routine. For some, retirement or loss of work can be hard to adjust to. Having an activity to take part in can help build a new routine and keep the mind and body active. You could learn a new language together or discuss your favourite books. Forming a social group can help you find like-minded people in your community to share your interests with.

Start a conversation with a stranger

 Do you take the bus to work? Visit a local café on your lunch break? Waiting in the queue at your local shop? We come by many people in our day to day lives. Some older people can go for over a week without speaking to another person. So next time you’re waiting in the queue to get your morning newspaper or having lunch at the café next to your work, strike up a conversation with someone sitting alone. A short chat about the weather or the daily news could make someone’s day.

Become a Carer

Caring is an extremely rewarding career path, helping local people feel comfortable within their own home and continue living independently. At Heritage Healthcare Epsom, we are always looking for compassionate and driven individuals to join our team of Home Carers. Find out more by visiting our careers page here.

To find out more about Heritage Healthcare Epsom and the services we provide, visit our services page by clicking here.

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