#BewareWhoYouScare – Protecting Vulnerable People on Halloween

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, October can feel like a spooky month – especially for those who are vulnerable.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, October can feel like a spooky month – especially for those who are vulnerable. The nights are drawing in a lot sooner, the temperature is starting to drop, and as the world continues to fight against COVID-19, there’s still a lot of anxiety felt in our communities. 

Each year, Heritage Healthcare Epsom reminds families to beware of who is behind the door when trick-or-treating at Halloween. This time, celebrations of Halloween have changed, with many families staying inside to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We still need to remember older or vulnerable people within our neighbourhood or families who may still find this time of year hard. 

Halloween is a particularly scary time for people living with the various stages of dementia, have sensory impairments or live alone. The days are becoming shorter, so it is darker outside a lot sooner, and those who do choose to go out on Halloween may make a lot of noise when walking around the neighbourhood. Understandably, this time of year can be distressing and cause unnecessary anxiety.  

If you know someone who may struggle with Halloween, it’s important to keep in regular contact with them to help them feel safer. With the current COVID-19 guidelines in England, many households are unable to mix unless they are in a support bubble together or meeting outdoors. Support can still be provided safely with social distancing guidelines followed, by keeping 2 metres apart and wearing a mask or by utilising video call apps. The 3 Local COVID Alert Levels introduced this month means families may experience different restrictions depending on where they live; click here to check your postcode. Reassure loved ones of your plans for Halloween and keep them updated on any changes in the government’s guidelines that may affect them. 

The current guidelines on celebrating Halloween and going out trick-or-treating are still unclear, however, there may still be families or youngsters who continue to go out into their community. To support older or vulnerable people in our neighbourhoods, we have put together a special poster to stop unwanted knocks on the door.  

At Heritage Healthcare Epsom, our care team are on hand to deliver high-quality care and support to allow more people to feel safe at home. Not only do we provide personal care, household help and complex needs care, but our carers also provide social support and companionship to prevent loneliness. Appropriate PPE ensures our care team can deliver support safely within the homes of clients and can provide company for someone who is vulnerable on Halloween or throughout the upcoming season. 

To find out more about Heritage Healthcare Epsom and how we can support you and your loved ones, visit ‘Our Services’ page or contact our friendly team through your preferred contact method here.  

(Information in this article was correct on date of publication: 14/10/20)

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