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How We Provide Dignity with our Care

How We Provide Dignity with our Care

Providing a home care service with dignity is a priority for us. We focus on delivering bespoke care plans tailored to the needs, requirements and wishes of our clients to help them remain in the comfort of their own home for longer. 

Dignity Action Day was 1st February, and this month, we will be discussing Dignity in Care, how you can become a Dignity Champion and what the 10 Dignity Do’s are. 

To deliver dignity with our service, our professional care team treat every client with respect, allowing them to make their own decisions about the care they receive. We want to help more individuals to feel comfortable at home, surrounded by their treasured memories. Our care services are based on choice, and we encourage individuals to be independent with essential support from our team of carers.  

By creating a bespoke care package, the care services we deliver to a client will evolve with their changing needs and requirements. We work with individuals, their loved ones and other healthcare professionals to create a care plan built on choice and is delivered by a team of professional carers who clients can build a trusted friendship with. 

The care support we provide allows people with varying health needs to feel comfortable at home. Service users who benefit from Heritage Healthcare include older people, those living with sensory or mobility issues, individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the after-effects of a stroke or Parkinson’s disease, people returning home from hospital or nursing care, or those with a terminal condition and in need of palliative or end-of-life care. 

Our care team receive high-quality training throughout their career with us and follow CQC guidelines to deliver personal care services. We understand accepting extra support with personal care can be difficult, so we ensure our clients feel comfortable and reassured by their carers, and have opportunities to talk to the management team if they have any queries. We are on hand to support clients with daily domestic tasks to help them feel proud of their home and provide social support and companionship.  

Providing dignity with the care we deliver is important at Heritage Healthcare. Our care service has allowed clients to remain safely at home for longer, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To find out more about our care services and how we can support you and your loved ones, please visit our website here. You can also find your nearest Heritage Healthcare office by clicking here.

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