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Becoming a Dignity Champion

Becoming a Dignity Champion

At Heritage Healthcare, we are known for the high-quality care and support we provide to our clients within their own homes. Our service is bespoke to each client, with our team of highly trained carers providing support with personal care, household tasks, companionship, dementia support and respite care. An important factor of our service is to deliver care with dignity to our clients, making them feel respected and independent.

The Dignity in Care Campaign aims to promote access to dignity as a human right for all. The campaign was originally launched in 2006, inspiring people from all walks of life to sign up as a Dignity Champion to promote its core values of having dignity in their hearts, minds and actions. The campaign has seen over 116,000 people register as a Dignity Champion across the UK, a number which continues to grow each day.

Those who have declared themselves a Dignity Champion are willing to stand up and challenge disrespectful behaviour and act as a role model by treating others how they would want to be treated. They are committed to taking action and help develop the care system to be one of compassion and respect. They use their knowledge and experience to inform colleagues and peers on the importance of providing care and support to people with dignity.

For most, especially for our fantastic team of carers, treating others with dignity is second nature but it is still important to lead by example and promote respect and independence. Everyone should be treated as a unique individual, which is what we promote with our bespoke services.

We put our clients at the centre of the care we provide. Each care package is tailored to the individual, taking on their wishes and requirements and making sure it is adaptable to their changing needs. Our team of carers are trained to the highest quality and we always match our clients with a carer they can form a trusted friendship with. We are on hand to help our clients to continue living in the comfort of their own home for longer, surrounded by treasured memories and support them to be part of their community.

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