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A Day In The Life Of A Home Carer

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The role as a Home Carer is rewarding! You are helping people feel safe within their own homes and remain independent, surrounded by treasured memories and home comforts.

We asked one of our Heritage Carers to share her story and give us an insight into a typical day as a Home Carer.

What is a typical day as a Home Carer?

Every day as a Home Carer is different. Some days can be quite challenging while others have me smiling from ear to ear. My typical day consists of visiting a number of different clients, each with their own individual needs. Morning calls usually consist of helping them get dressed and ready for the day, preparing some breakfast and helping with medication. In the afternoon I may find myself helping to run errands such as taking them shopping or wherever they may want to go.

During some visits I will also help with the chores such as cleaning up, changing the sheets and I even get to enjoy a nice walk with their dog.

On the evening shift, much like the morning shifts, I make sure they have a hot meal and help with medications. I help them get ready for bed and some clients may require help with bathing and other personal hygiene needs. 

Are there any clients who have made an impact on you?

Every client and their families have an impact on me. It’s great to notice the difference I am making in someone’s life, seeing clients continue living independently and enjoying the things they love. Getting feedback from family members of our clients about the impact my visits have had on their day always puts a smile on my face.

How do people benefit from being supported by a Home Carer?

For some of our client’s, their care team are the only people they see all day. It’s reassuring for both our clients and their family to know that someone will be there to check on them and have a chat with them. For some, just seeing a friendly face can have a huge impact on their day.

Why did you choose to become a home carer and why did you choose Heritage Healthcare?

I was looking to get back to work once both my children started primary school. My previous career didn’t fit around my family life so I had to start looking at other options. I saw a job advert for Heritage Healthcare and it offered flexible hours. I have never considered care before as it’s so different from my previous jobs and I had no experience. After a successful interview, I was invited to do a full training course and got my care certificate. The support I received to make sure I was confident was amazing and the management was very helpful when I had any questions, whilst the other members of the care team instantly made me feel like part of the family.

Join our team!

When we recruit new carers onto the Heritage Healthcare team, we look for individuals who are compassionate, professional, and dedicated to delivering a person-centred service. Our clients build a trusted friendship with their care team, so being able to provide bespoke care in a dignified and sensitive manner is important. To visit our clients and maybe take them out into the community, we require our care team to have a valid driving licence and access to a vehicle. 

If you are currently looking for a new career opportunity, one that is rewarding and provides training, become a Heritage Healthcare carer! 

You can find our current vacancies here, or contact our office by clicking here.  

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